The technology-driven approaches with the potential to enhance STEM education through training, networking, and events by improving accessibility, engagement, collaboration, and knowledge sharing among researchers, professionals and learners.


Yuktan's vision emphasizes the power of networking and events as platforms for fostering connections and knowledge sharing. It recognizes that meaningful progress in STEM fields often emerges from collaboration, shared experiences, and collective problem-solving to tackle complex challenges and make transformative contributions to society.


Recognizing the innovation arising from the intersection of different fields and encouraging multidisciplinary collaborations.

Events 2024

Live Conferences


5th International Conference on Materials Science & Nanotechnology

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Hybrid | October 21-25, 2024 | Athens, Greece


5th International Conference on Polymer Science and Composite Materials

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Hybrid | October 23-25, 2024 | Athens, Greece


Dr Goutham Edula


Vivek Kumar


Bo Andersson


William Lim

Event Manager
Conferencing App

Our Conferencing app available on mobile platforms and web greatly enhance the end-user experience of participating in professional conferences and training events. The App covers all aspects of attending and organizing conferences right from initial plan of organizing an event to post-event feedback from participants. The App is only available to our event partners worldwide on a licensing basis.

What We Develop

In today's interconnected world, there is a clear demand for technology that enables people and organizations to connect and share ideas. However the shrinking budget allocations across the world has made it increasingly difficult to organize training and conferencing events. Our innovative technology enhances the ROI on professional conferences and training events. We leverage on virtual reality, high definition video streaming, data analytics and machine learning algorithms to deliver the next generation conferencing technology.

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